Toogethr releases smart matching and cheaper rides

Improving long-distance rideshare across Europe

Toogethr, the carpool and ridesharing app has just released version 1.3. This releases makes long-distance rideshare smarter and cheaper, improves the user's profile and better safeguards your privacy in chat. Furthermore, it allows drivers to be matched with other drivers - as a first step in optimizing car usage.
Toogethr version 1.3 includes the following features:
  1. Set profile picture. Users with a Toogethr account connected to Facebook already enjoyed having a profile picture. If you have created your Toogethr account with your email address, you can now easily upload or change your profile picture. On iOS6 (iPhone/iPad), you can even set your profile picture using your built-in camera. This will make your profile stand out from the crowd. 

  2. Smarter matching. When you offer or search for a ride, Toogethr now shows matching rides based on the total ride distance. For a short ride you are probably not interested to pick up someone along the route. For a long ride, this is probably just fine. 
    For example, when driving from Amsterdam to Berlin, you also see requested rides from Amersfoort, Utrecht or Apeldoorn to Berlin.

  3. Longer rides get cheaper. We have lowered the Toogethr commission. We have introduced a maximum commission of €12.50 that will benefit long-distance trips. Despite VAT has gone up to 21% in the Netherlands, Toogethr just got cheaper. 

  4. Better privacy. It is no longer possible to send email addresses or phone numbers in chat. Once you have a ride agreement, your contact details will be visible to the other party automatically. 

  5. Driver to driver matching. When offering a ride, matches with other drivers with a similar trip are now shown as well. This will help you deciding whether you want to drive yourself or take a ride. This is a first step in a serie of features in order to optimize car usage. 
This is a so-called platform release and therefore directly available to all our users, whether you use the Toogethr web app, iPhone/iPad app or Facebook app. No update needed!
About Toogethr

Met Toogethr wordt samenrijden leuker én makkelijker.

We weten eigenlijk allemaal dat samenrijden beter is. Beter voor het vinden van een parkeerplaats. Beter voor de file. En dankzij minder uitstoot beter voor het milieu. Maar toch doen we het niet, want het is gedoe en te veel geregel.

Daarom is er nu Toogethr.

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